Video Marketing and Ad Production


Video Marketing and Ad production services that meet your budget specifications. The growing number of digital and web-based tools available on the market today means we can provide bespoke advertising services at a relatively low cost. With a little information about your business, we can tailor your Video Ad production to match the budget specifications you provide.

More and more business owners and Marketing Managers are catching on to Video Ads and what they can do for their business. On average Video Ads gain up to 40% more Click-Through Rates than text Ads. Video Marketing is an excellent way of improving your Ad attraction power and ultimately your conversion rates.

MSD can create your Ads in various ways. We can record your Ad from scratch, or we can mix and edit pre-recorded HD stock segments, all of which are fully licensed to be used in bespoke creatives. No matter what your budget is, we can create an Ad or full campaign which matches your budget specifications.


Video Marketing 6 steps to great Video Ads

Step 1. Choose your Ad type

Choose what type of Video Ad you want, animated or a HD live recorded Ad. Below are just two types of Video Ads we produce. Our HD Video Ads are great to grab attention and to showcase your products and services. Alternatively, animated Ads are a brilliant at explaining exactly what your product or service is or how it does what it does.

To see more Video Ads and video content produced by us please visit our YouTube channel @https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClgdIIan1NawLXGq7P3nPTA?view_as=subscriber

Step 2. Tell us your objective

Book an appointment and one of our team will visit you to find out what you want your Ad to achieve. Whether you are looking to increase awareness and gain followers, or to improve sales, MSD will design your Ad to best achieve your desired goal.

Step 3. Decide how long you want your video Ad to be

Decide how long you want your video Ad to be or how many segments of footage it will use. Most videos productions are around 30 seconds long and contain less than five segments of footage. If you would like a longer Ad creating, however, we can handle larger productions.

Step 4. Add any extra personalisation

Choose if you want any live recorded segments of footage of your products/services/operations adding to your Ad. One of our team will arrange to come and record the footage required and edit into your Ad. You can also choose how you want your Ad to communicate its message, either using text or you can choose to use a professional voiceover on your Ad.

Step 5. Sign off and approve the creative

Your creative brief will be created by an MSD Campaign Executive and sent to you along with a storyboard of the creative concept. The brief will explain what the Ad will say and what it will look like. It is at this point where you will get to add or remove any of the suggested recommendations and suggest any final edits.

Step 6. Receive your Video Ad to with as you please

We will send you your Video Ad, usually within seven working days if there is no voiceover to be added. Once you receive your Ad, you can run your own campaign or we can manage your campaign for you, optimising as we go.