Website Monetisation – YHNE

Youth Homeless North East is charity based organisation which helps tackle youth homelessness within the North-East region. Their business model relied entirely upon funds raised through traditional fundraising methods. In order to maximise their opportunities and monetise their website, a monetisation strategy was created and implemented to increase the flow of paid traffic to the website.

Creating an alternative channel of revenue using the website enabled YHNE to diversify their service offering and increase their revenue. By generating an additional source of revenue via multiple audience targeting, both via donations from supporters and paid commercialised services to other service providers, the charity was able to maximise on its market coverage and improve its attractability and unique selling point.

The content strategy utilized a paid members only area via an online paid gateway portal. The members area targets strategic partners and frontline service operators within the homeless prevention industry and combines E-learning resources, including PowerPoint presentations and downloadable session plans, and on page sliders which preview examples of the presentation slides and resources available.

The website contained huge amounts of information which made finding specific reports and resources difficult to locate. To solve this issue the site content was streamlined and improved by adding videos and images which made the website much more pleasurable to view. The website UX was also improved via restructuring its content and menu to make it easier for audiences to locate what they wanted. The instant results noticed were an increase in traffic flow, CTR and improved engagement, and a reduction in bounce rates.





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