Digital Targeting Optimisation – Trylife

Trylife is a BAFTA winning interactive film production company based in Newcastle. With over seven million followers on Facebook, the objective was to identify and closer target Trylife’s audience over social media. To achieve this, Market Solutions first provided the client with a digital appraisal report. The report provided the client insight into what steps must be taken to improve both their Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Optimisation scores.

Market Solutions provided detailed Avatars using analytical software. Custom audiences were then created mirroring the Avatars. This then allowed Trylife to closer target and engage its multiple audiences. Content including posts and Instant Experiences were then created and tailored to each identified audience segment and scheduled to post at the most heavily populated times of the day. Since Trylife’s main audience is American, posts were Americanised and scheduled to publish during peak times of the day in America.

The results of switching the content strategy to a targeted approach via digital targeting optimisation, reduced the number of overall posts which were hidden by viewers by 27.59% compared to previous readings. Reductions in the number of unfollows to the page could also be clearly observed.


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