Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Are you a new start up business looking to test the waters advertising online? Or perhaps you’re already established and looking to maximize on what you’re already doing by increasing your advertising coverage?

SMEs all over the North East are failing to tap into online advertising due to not knowing where to start. Others waste money on advertising over social media without knowing exactly what return they receive from their ads. Whatever your situation is, MSD can offer a variation in services which best suit your business needs. Services range from one off campaign set ups to full on campaign management and everything in between.


Letter tiles spelling the words Pay Per Click


Where we advertise

Market Solutions create and manage campaigns placed over the Google Search and Display Networks, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn platforms. We offer both text and display advertising strategically placed to best meet your converting customers.


Google Advertising

Being seen on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPS) is extremely important to every business. Gaining an organic (unpaid) high positions on the page often takes time and careful management. Paid Google Search Campaigns line up the services and products you sell with people looking for them online at that the moment they are looking for them. In short, Search campaigns heighten the chances of your business being seen without needing an organic high position. If you would like to improve the number of people which visit your website instantly this is a great place to start.  

  • A Google Ads certified Account Manager support seven days a week
  • Best practice keyword research and implementation of optimal bidding ranges for keywords which drive traffic
  • Conduct weekly checks to ensure you’re bidding for the right keywords and for the right price
  • Monthly reports to show you what Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) you have gained


Social Media Advertising

We create and implement full funnel campaigns, from awareness and lead generation to engagement, conversion and retention. For example, new startup businesses need to find an audience (awareness), grab their attention (engage), then convince them to buy (convert) and return (retain). Established businesses however, might only require a conversion objective strategy. 

A full service campaign strategy and implementation will include:

  • A dedicated Social Media Manager 7 days a week
  • Full funnel, integrated multi-channel campaigns 
  • Creative strategy and advert production including asset purchase and licencing
  • Aggressive multichannel targeting and optimisation
  • Monthly reporting and insights

How you will be informed of your campaign performance

Monthly reports will keep you up-to-date and informed on the latest Key Performance Indicators. These reports will keep you in the loop on what return your campaigns are generating and will explain the month on month Return on Advertising Spend and how it is being optimised for maximum efficiency and return.

All campaigns are developed and optimised to suit budget specifications bespoke to your business. Book a free consultation to provide us information to get a free quote.

Alternatively, if you’re not looking to commit to monthly management fees and would like a bespoke guide to how to do it yourself, maybe a Digital Appraisal and Strategy Guide is maybe more suited to your budget.