Customised digital targeting and content strategies designed to engage and retain (good for publishers and businesses with audiences of over 5,000 Monthly Active Visitors)

Knowing what your audience wants to read and engage with is critical when planning your website and social media content. Market Solutions can provide customised content strategies based on your company’s very own Audience Insight reports.

Using software and marketing experience gained working alongside clients with social media audiences exceeding 5 million monthly active visitors (MAVs), an MS strategy guide will inform you of your audience breakdown and how to best target and engage with your viewers across your platforms.

What will the report show you?

A typical digital targeting and content report will include:

  • A full break down of your audience demographics and geographics
  • Their relationship status and education level
  • What device they use to visit your platforms on
  • Which job they are more lightly to work in
  • How they engage with your social media platforms
  • Details on their interests such as which brands/products they follow and engage with over social media
  • When they are most active online and the best time of day to communicate with them

Using data from audience reports will help you to closer target your existing audiences. Doing so can help increase engagement and improve your conversion rates. Audience reports can also inform you how to closer target potential new customers and increase market coverage. This can be exceptionally helpful when looking to carry out any market development.

A good targeting strategy is a vital element to master when hoping to conquer digital marketing. Closer targeting can also save you money on your Ad budget. When running brand awareness campaigns using Cost Per Mille bidding methods, closer targeting will reduce the number of unrelated and wasted impressions. This can increase the efficiency of your budget and increase your relevant reach, providing you more value for your money.

Market solutions provided a targeting and content report for Trylife against audiences of over five million viewers. Check out the engagement levels earned via totally organic content strategies here.