About Market Solutions Digital Ltd

Market Solutions Digital (MSD), is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency based in Hartlepool. We provide integrated, multi-channel digital marketing services across the; Google Search and Display Networks, Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network, and LinkedIn.

What makes us a little different

Our digital services are designed with small businesses at the front of mind. While smaller businesses usually prefer not to tie themselves into long term fixed costs, it’s very important that they maximize the benefits digital marketing can offer them. Our services are designed to offer flexibility to best match your budget specifications. We love to create bespoke strategies for specific marketing challenges, or if preferred, we can take on your full digital marketing plan and implementation. 

Call an MSD team member to find out how we can help you grow your business and increase the revenue your business generates: 01429 804090

Meet our team

Martin Noble graduated with a BA honors in Marketing in November 2015. Martin created the Market Solutions concept in his last year at university in 2014. His passion is helping businesses achieve their digital marketing potential. Since creating the brand, Market Solutions has assisted clients across multiple industries in the North East, in fine-tuning their digital marketing activities.

MSD Director

I first created the Market Solutions Facebook page back in 2015. It took about five minutes to set up. I first created the page to save marketing articles and infographics in one space. I have since then, further developed the brand into a digital marketing solutions service, dedicated to helping businesses drive ROI through the implementation of digital marketing.”

Martin Noble MSD Director

Since creating the brand, Market Solutions assists clients which regularly receive audience numbers exceeding seven million monthly active visitors.


What people have said about us

Market Solutions Digital Ltd cn get your digital business up and running in no time. Our strategies are designed to suit small businesses to achieve their digital marketing objectives swiftly and efficiently. 

Check out the services Market Solutions Digital Ltd provide. Discover what benefits your business can gain by adopting data-driven marketing strategies.